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Borger Cranes is a family owned and operated crane hire and rigging business, established in 1980 by Jon Borger.

We have established depots in Sydney, on the Central Coast, in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and Gympie.

The business has grown from one crane to a fleet of 150+ cranes with more purchases and units in the pipeline.

Borger Cranes are looking to the future with all levels of construction projects in their sights. Borger's latest acquisition of a 750 ton Liebherr LG1750 together with our 750 ton Liebherr LTM1750-9.1 is taking their capacity of crane hire to a whole new dimension, providing customers with a new level of lifting capability for planning future projects.

With our vast experience and first class equipment, our customers can be assured with the peace of mind that their lift can be conducted safely and efficiently.



Borger Crane Hire and Rigging Services Pty Limited has been operating for over 40 years and supplying cranes to the ever widening construction industry of Australia. We are one of the few Crane Hire companies on the East coast of Australia that can offer a range of cranes from 3ton to Liebherr 750 ton all terrain crane. Borger Cranes have a very modern fleet of mobile cranes; this has come about due to the changing nature of the crane hire market in Australia. Most cranes are younger than 5 years and Borger Cranes is always evolving their fleet to keep up with technology advancements and industry movements.

Borger Cranes currently operates within all areas of construction. From general crane hire work, short and long term, major and minor projects, continued maintenance, major and minor infrastructure, mining, wind and fossil fuel energy power projects. Borger Cranes sees themselves as a major provider especially on the East Coast of Australia, providing a stable base for their customers to rely on. Borger Crane’s aims to continue its upwards growth, with an ever expanding fleet of cranes and equipment and keeping up with customer and market demands.

Borger Cranes are also able to draw on our management, supervisors and senior crane drivers. Many of whom have worked on some of Australia’s largest projects, managed projects and / or consulted in the heavy lift industry. This vast wealth of knowledge is hard to come by and makes us able to provide a base of greater professional understanding and experience. Borger Cranes are able to consult on a wide spectrum of work only limited by the client’s requirements and provide a level of comfort in the operations of our clients.

Borger Cranes are also able to provide detailed computer based drawings via Auto CAD and 3D drawing programs. These can be used by clients to better understand their lift process and requirements. Borger Cranes see themselves as one of the few large non listed / consortium crane companies in Australia who are able to provide their clients with a personal level of service and would continue to grow on the relationship and expand it to the next level.

Borger Cranes have a full time employees allocated to the WH&S department who deal in areas such as training, SWMS construction, and JSA construction as well as other departments able to provide, pre lift studies, briefings, critical lift studies, Auto CAD drawings, site inspections, inductions, quality control, document control, and sales. They are the first point of contact for crane crews with issues / problems / questions in regards to all aspects of WH&S and associated issues. Where an answer / solution cannot be given straight away, any relevant legislations / codes / standards are consulted as required. If the answer is not available, there can then be outside professionals consulted as required. The WH&S team also works closely with the members of the management team to update and advance Borger’s Systems of work as required and to investigate and solve any problems that may arise at any time. The WH&S team also consults the crane crew on a regular basis on a wide range of issues from training to machine problems, possible improvements to company equipment and updates in techniques.

Borger Cranes have a full time mechanics who are on call 24hrs a day 7 days a week to provide first hand technical support to all aspects of our crane hire equipment. Apart from their daily repairs and servicing, they are also involved in future programmed maintenance and the purchase of new / used equipment. With any breakdown they are our first point of call to assess the level of repairs required and action that needs to be taken. They also work closely with our crane and equipment providers to ensure the correct repairs are conducted and also to what standard they are done. they are also available for all crane crews to answer any technical questions. Our maintenance bay is of a high standard and is extensively set up. Borger Cranes are able to conduct 90% of all crane repairs in house under our conditions, with very few items requiring external repairs. We are able to perform maintenance from tyre changes and light globe replacements all the way through to major 10 yearly inspections and repairs and upgrades with CraneSafe inspections. If required by contract conditions Borger Cranes can allocate a mechanic to be on site at all times to assist with the maintenance and upkeep of the mobile cranes.

Borger Cranes have worked on many projects over 30 years some of these sites with multiple service providers in the working area. This has never been an issue and has actually benefitted Borger Cranes in the long run. By having other service providers on site, Borger Cranes are able to raise their professional standards to a higher level so as to stand out from the pack and set new industry standards. Borger Cranes are always aiming to provide their customers with the best possible service and continually improve as a company overall. The only issue that could be outlined is that the other service providers that are working in conjunction with Borger Cranes must have adequate levels of insurance and are assessed to the same levels as required for Borger Cranes under the contract. All multiple service providers that work with Borger Cranes must also meet all industry standards and federal/state and site standards.





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