Unit 250 - Grove - GMK5250L - All Terrain Mobile Crane - 250 ton

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The Grove GMK 5250L is an all round general hire crane. Able to fit into some tight sites where truck cranes use to operate.

This crane has 70m of main boom and an 12-37m inserts available. Giving the GMK 5250L a dominant lifting range on any site / project.

High capacities on a 5 axle AT crane with 70 m main boom
21m swingaway with jib and/or boom inserts
Maximum 37m length and up to 50˚ offset
Max tip height: 110m
Running Gear 5 Steerable Axles
Length 14.093m
Width 3.10m
Height 4.00m
Outrigger Footprint: 8.95m x 7.80m - 4 point support
Counterweight: up to 80 tons